Space Chimp's marketing pays off

Space Chimp is a mobile app that lets you get work done the easy way. They assign freelancers to your individual project, and that is just part of their secret sauce. They take the time to understand your project, assign a manager to you, and hand select the perfect person for your task. This no hassle way of keeping your project on track is a sure way of making sure your brand is headed for the top — and it’s been very popular thanks to their creative solution to a difficult problem (namely finding a talented freelancer) and their online and mobile app marketing strategy.


We caught up with Charles Haggas, founder and CEO of Space Chimp, and he was kind enough to give us a few insights into his company’s marketing success.   Read on to learn how you can put Charles’ strategies to work in marketing your own mobile app.

Tell us about your success in apps.

Charles: I’ve been marketing apps since the inception of the app store. I’ve helped launch uber successful apps like AP Mobile and Starmap (the first star gazing app).

As you can see, Charles has a great deal of experience marketing very successful apps, so it only made sense to pick his brain on how to get visibility and traction for a new mobile app.  Both of his previous apps have gone on to see enormous success, and Space Chimp is also climbing the charts in both app stores.

What has been the most successful marketing strategy you’ve tried? 

Charles: Mobile advertising is by far the most efficient way to drive downloads. Try a tool like Swrve to engage users once they’ve downloaded. Use analytics and feedback tools like MixPanel and UserVoice to measure data and get feedback about what’s important to your users.

What makes adding new users to apps a challenge?

Charles: Apps usually find challenges adding users when they haven’t focused on brand building or fail to innovate quick enough.

What marketing strategy was a waste of time?

Charles:  Basically, anything that makes a user take too many steps to download your app most likely isn’t going to do very well. For some reason, a lot of people try to advertise their apps via Google Adwords which ends up being a huge waste of money.

What are your opinions on monetization?

Charles: I don’t recommend paid apps. Free apps with in-app purchases or subscriptions are much more profitable in the long run.

Any advice to app marketers?

Charles: Build an amazing brand. Make sure you can innovate quickly and advertise your app on mobile ad channels.

It’s clear that Charles definitely knows what he’s talking about when it comes to success, and his Mobile App Marketing Guide is very popular with app developers, for good reason. Some of Space Chimp’s biggest clients are and the Associated Press’s mobile app, both very heavy hitters in the mobile app industry.

Even more impressive than his company’s success may be their relaxed approach to everyday business. With a stuffed monkey as “Chief Motivator” and fun quotes on each employee’s bio, Space Chimp seems an amazing place to work. If you’re a freelancer, you can work at Space Chimp and enjoy the fun and creative work yourself. Apply here to become a part of their talent.

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