Mira CEO Talks Outdoor Advertising with Huffington Post

Mira CEO Jon Frangakis was featured in a Q&A with The Huffington Post this week discussing targeted DOOH technology, the impact it is having, and the future of the industry.

From the article:

The Huffington Post

The perception might be that only local personal injury lawyers advertise on billboards in the modern era of advertising, but that would be wrong. Despite not being as cutting edge as online advertising, the billboard industry has grown steadily since 2008 while other “old” mediums like newspaper and radio ads have declined.

Part of that growth is that billboards still have a captive audience whereas fewer people tune into local radio anymore. Another part is that billboards have worked to reinvent themselves, many of them going digital and providing marketers with detailed information about traffic volume that will see their ads. But that effort to modernize is getting a shot in the arm from a technology trend called targeted Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising.

Not familiar with targeted DOOH? This article is the right place to start. Read the full article on The Huffington Post.

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