Mira is the crowd analytics platform.

Driven by location events, first and third party consumer data, and a large mobile audience network, Mira brings web analytics to physical locations.

Crowd analytics is our process of anonymously aggregating and analyzing the audience in a given location. Our platform can be used to dynamically tailor digital out-of-home content, gain physical audience insights, or monetize mobile apps.

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Mira has many use cases.


Increase the efficiency of your out-of-home campaigns. Design your perfect audience and deliver your targeted content only when they're present.

Out-of-Home Networks

Bring your signage network into the future. Increase the value of your ad inventory by enabling real-time behavioral targeting and charging a premium for your quantified audience.

Brick And Mortar

Learn more about your (potential) customers easily while respecting their privacy. Discover anonymized interests and demographics present in your venue to inform sales and operational decisions.

Mobile Apps

Hate mobile ads? We do, too. Add the Mira SDK to your app and monetize your audience via out-of-home impressions and location analytics rather than traditional in-app ads.


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