Location intelligence
for out-of-home.

Mira provides real-time crowd analytics tailored for the out-of-home channel.

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Access your digital audiences in physical spaces

Mira measures the interests and demographics of real-time crowds of people in physical locations.

By processing more than 3 billion mobile location events per day, our crowd analytics platform can filter, aggregate, and measure digital and mobile audiences in arbitrary geographical locations.

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Building Blocks

There are 3 components of our platform that drive each use case.

Research & Intelligence

Data licensing, visualization, and research for location-driven insights across US markets from any vendor.

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Real-Time Decisioning

Mira measures and quantifies crowds around locations in real-time based on their interests and behaviors.

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Tailored for out-of-home

We built our platform specifically for the out-of-home channel.

Mira provides the real-time and historical data layer for the out-of-home industry to plan, execute, and measure campaigns.

Buyers & Specialists

Enrich your media buys with audience data. Choose the best inventory for your audience. Deliver the right message to the right real-time crowd.

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Networks & Suppliers

Increase the value of your inventory by enabling it to be real-time addressable. Respond to RFPs with confidence.

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Digital Marketers

Access your digital audiences in the physical world. Push the tenets of digital and RTB into out-of-home.

Other Use Cases

Our audience data infrastructure generalizes well to multiple use cases and provides industry-leading scale.


Plan where your next brick-and-mortar location should go. Analyze your in-store audience in a digital context.

Real Estate

Quantify the intagibles, spot trends early, and find look-alike neighborhoods based on demographics and interests.

Smart Cities

Understand how different types of people move over time. Analyze changes in neighborhood demographics.


Incorporate real-time movement signals as an indicator of asset performance.

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