Mira Featured In DigiFloor

Mira was featured in DigiFloor discussing where the company started, where we are, and where we’re headed.

From the article:

Digital signs traditionally just display pre-programmed content. It does not matter who is walking by the sign because the sign has no way of knowing who is close by. Consumers are used to targeted ads online, of course, but out of home advertising has never been able to do the same.

Targeted DOOH (Digital Out of Home) technology is about to change all of that. Now, the same kind of targeting that we are accustomed to online could find its way onto digital billboards and signs all around us. Of course there are differences – for starters billboards must cater to whole crowds of people, not individual users. So data aggregation in real time accompanies the targeting. Targeted DOOH technology assesses the demographic averages of the crowd in close proximity to the sign and then serves the ad that is most relevant to the whole crowd.

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