How does Mira support your agency's overall strategy goal?

With 64% of developers earning less than $100 a month from their apps, most apps don’t even come close to meeting their earning potential. But why? 

Though there are many monetization strategies available to app developers, a majority of them are stuck in the past and rely on outmoded ideas about advertising. Mira is a startup based in New York City with a unique mission and an eye on the future of marketing. This article looks at how Mira’s support can fit into an agency’s overall marketing strategy.

It’s important to recognize that most consumers don’t respond positively to “in-your-face” advertising. People routinely throw away junk mail, DVR allows them to fast-forward through television advertisements, and over 60 million people worldwide have enabled ad-blocking technology on their web browsers. With these prevailing attitudes, how, then, are app developers supposed to get money for the services they are providing? How should these attitudes change an agency’s overall marketing strategy?

Innovations in Advertising Have to Occur

The time has come to think “outside the phone.” Mira takes the advertising off of the mobile device itself and projects the ads into a consumer’s physical world. When an app user is in proximity of digital signage, such as Taxi TV or gas station televisions, an individualized ad will appear right in front of them. Because these advertisements appear in a unique and natural setting, one less saturated with advertising, the customer is much more likely to take notice of the message. Developers are paid every time Mira projects one of these customized advertisements into the real world. What’s more, Mira uses sophisticated genotypes to ensure that an agency is maximizing its overall strategy by presenting its marketing to the most effective demographic possible – those interested in the messaging. 


A positive user experience can make or break an app’s monetization potential. Mira helps create a better, less-intrusive user experience for an agency’s customers, while still relaying the agency’s message to a relevant group of interested people. Mira has a tiny footprint and does not negatively affect the speed or performance of any apps that have integrated with the technology.

While consumers will say that privacy is another concern, and an important aspect to consider in relation to a positive user experience, Mira was built from the ground up to ensure that privacy isn’t a worry. With Mira, data from users are anonymous, and are not mappable back to an individual consumer. Mira will never track where a given consumer is – in fact Mira is built to make sure that this isn’t even possible; Mira’s goal is to focus solely on triggering ads that relate to a consumer’s relevant interests

Simply put, Mira supports an agency’s overall strategy goal by bringing in more revenue and operating smoothly alongside any other app monetization methods the agency currently uses. We’ve found that bringing Mira into the discussion early on, can help an agency realize better results so we encourage agencies to reach out when they are in the initial planning stages of a creative campaign. Our agency-focused development team works hand in hand with agencies to ensure that every benefit of Mira can be utilized for maximum impact.

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