App Monetization by Mira - Under the Hood

Mira is an SDK that allows app developers to monetize their apps without affecting the UX of their app.  Whether your end users are using your app to play a strategy game or planning this week’s menus, apps that use in-app ads or in-app purchases to monetize can see negative app performance or activity based on these monetization methods.


Mira triggers ads outside of the mobile experience, on connected displays like Taxi TV, gas pump displays, kiosks or even digital billboards, so the app experience remains unaffected. Advertisers love Mira because the ads are more noticeable, without a negative connotation experienced when their targets are actively involvedin a compelling app. Developers love Mira because CPMs are higher, and because their app UX is absolutely unaffected. Users love Mira, even though they don’t realize they are using apps monetized by our technology, because their apps remain distraction free and their privacy is protected.

We thought you might like to see the way that Mira works, so we’ve create a step-by-step representation of Mira’s functionality – so that you can understand how committed we are to both protecting user privacy and preserving phone resources.

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