Location intelligence
for out-of-home networks.

Quantify your network's advantages. Intelligently price your inventory. Drive demand by delivering the cutting edge.

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How we work with you

Integrating your network is painless. For research and attribution, no integration is necessary; we only need to know where your units are.

  1. 1
    Identify your inventory

    Upload your inventory specifications and locations to our platform. We can take arbitrary polygons as geofences, and take into account bearing, FOV, and viewing distance.

  2. 2
    Integrate your CMS

    For real-time capabilities, we ensure that your CMS can communicate with our servers. We've already integrated with some of the more popular systems.

  3. 3
    Build and visualize audiences

    Audiences can be constructed for a variety of use cases, such as looking at household income to inform prices or building a custom target to respond to an agency RFP.

Use Cases


Our platform can help inform how you price your inventory and provide the numbers to back it up. Units with more coveted audiences should command more dollars.


Using our suite of attribution tools, offer your clients the ability to measure the effectiveness of their campaign. This can be a compelling way to get clients that are wary of OOH to spend with you.


Command a higher CPM by enabling your inventory to be targeted in real-time; advertisers will pay a premium to reach the audience they care about.


Respond to agency RFPs with confidence, and speak their language, too. Mira integrates with the same data sources used at both digital and OOH teams.


Advertisers always demand the next big thing. Distinguish your network from the competition with the most dynamic platform available.


Mira can open the door to smaller advertisers that otherwise could not afford your inventory by selling sub-partitions of standard slots through our private marketplaces.

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