Real-time crowd analytics.

Mira measures and quantifies crowds around physical locations in real-time based on online personas.

How we work with you

Typically, a crowd stream is used as an input to an ad server controlling an out-of-home campaign; in this case Mira provides both the real-time stream and the decisioning service

However, we can provide real-time audience measurement indepently of ad decisioning, allowing clients to utilize real-time data in their custom applications.

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    Upload locations

    We can analyze arbitrary polygons, whether they're out-of-home units, POIs, zip codes, etc.

  2. 2

    Define audiences and segments

    For out-of-home clients, we can work with you to design audiences that meet your clients' criteria. If you leverage another DMP or have your own segments, we can ingest those and begin to track them immediately.

  3. 3


    Configure a look back and display segment counts in your dashboard. Retarget your current audience on mobile. Use the crowd measurement to affect out-of-home creative.

Creative optimization
for out-of-home

Our most prominent application of crowd analytics is in digital out-of-home media. Brands can dynamically tailor creative and messaging to the crowd in front of each screen in a campaign, effectively packaging multiple targets into one unit.

Robust decisioning

Each time an ad rolls, a decision for what creative to play is made on the fly. These decisions can be driven not only by real-time crowds, but also day-parting, predictive models, weather, campaign spend, frequency, and more. Depending on the client, we can write plugins for arbitrary 3rd party APIs to affect the decisioning.

Bring your own segments

Like any other DSP, we can make ad serving decisions from your segments.

True real-time

Mira is the only platform for OOH that delivers content decisioning based on up-to-the-second data.

Further Extensions

Real-time crowd measurement unlocks a few interesting applications in the out-of-home space.

Private Marketplaces

Mira partners with an inventory supplier and a set of brands to occupy one spot in a loop. Each brand has a target audience, and only triggers when their audience is present. The inventory provider is able to charge a premium CPM for targeting, but brands' overall spend is lowered because they pay only for the impressions they want.

Real-Time Bidding

We believe that out-of-home media will ultimately be bought and sold the same way as mobile and display: on real-time bidding exchanges. As more and more inventory becomes available on programmatic platforms, demand side agents will look for a way to inform purchasing decisions in real-time.

Pop-Up Digital Domination

Brands can initiate a domination of a place-based network when their target audience is present while simultaneously triggering a hyperlocal mobile activation. The effect on the target audience is the equivalent of a much larger cross-channel buy but can be paused once the audience is no longer present.

Frequently Asked Questions

How real-time is "real-time"?

For content decisioning and serving, decisions are made with up-to-the-second data; this is mostly due to network latency.

How else can real-time data be consumed?

For some clients, we can set up a feed to report the current distribution of segments at each location of interest. We're currently building an open API with websockets to enable push updates.

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