MiraMetrics brings web analytics to the physical world.

Digital Context in Your Physical Spaces

MiraMetrics is a querying and visualization dashboard built upon Mira's anonymous crowd analytics data. Whether a large mall manager or a boutique retailer, MiraMetrics can fit any budget and provides valuable insights into a client's customerbase.

Customer data is anonymized and aggregated, as it is for all of Mira's use cases, so privacy is built in.

MiraMetrics can answer questions like:

  • What is my customers' distribution of income?
  • When is my target audience in my store?
  • What neighborhoods look most similar to my customerbase?
  • Where do my customers live?

What can Mira tell you about your customers?

  • Household Income
  • Age Group
  • Children
  • Own/Rent
  • Urbanicity
  • Employment Status
  • Occupation
  • Political
  • Religion
  • Fitness
  • Nightlife
  • Auto-Intender
  • Pets
  • Fashion
  • Sporting Events
  • TV Viewership
  • Stores Visited
  • Travel

  • And Thousands More

Overlay a digital heatmap to see your location's busiest areas. Or, look at traffic historically to analyze trends.


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