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Crowd Analytics for Creative Optimization.

Mira makes campaigns more effective by introducing real-time targeting to digital out-of-home media.

The State of Out-of-Home

No Real-time Targeting

Broad, historical data is the best you can get. Day-parting is only so effective. Mira goes a step further and targets content based on the real-time audience.

Generic Content

Today, loops are considered dynamic. Mira knows better. We serve content on the fly to match the interests of the people present.


Until recently, innovation in out-of-home was focused on increasing screen resolution. Now the sector is having a programmatic enlighment, but no platform is as dynamic as Mira.

The Right Audience at the Right Time

To the Consumer, Relevance is Everything

That's why brands and agencies use Mira to make their out-of-home campaigns responsive and dynamic. Mira's big data and targeting algorithms can help advertisers:

  • Determine the most optimal locations for their campaigns
  • Lower campaign costs by paying only for relevant impressions
  • Reach disparate audiences with relevant messaging
On Mall Advertising

What's in a campaign?

Audience Targeting

Mira works with advertisers to determine which types of people matter to them most.

Machine Learning

Using historical data and machine learning, Mira mines the most optimal audience for each piece of creative.


Real-time data is fed into the optimized decisioning model. Every sign running the campaign displays what is most relevant to the crowd near it.


During and after the campaign, advertisers track impressions and other campaign statistics.

Attribution & ROI

Mira works with advertisers to set up ROI measurement and perform statistical tests of efficacy. Additionally, Mira enables advertisers to track mobile IDFAs and measure conversions.


Mira can retarget users that saw your content on various media, such as mobile, out-of-home, and display.

Case Study

Using Mira increased the efficiency of an out-of-home campaign by 63%.

We integrated with the signage network at a premier shopping mall and bought a single slot during Holidays 2015.

We split our flight into control and test periods. During the control, ad content was displayed 100% of the time to establish a baseline of effectiveness, which was measured in unique web sessions.

During the test period, we showed the ad only when the most optimal half of the audience was present.

We measured higher efficiency in the targeted campaign, suggesting that advertisers can get more “bang for their buck” when targeting a more optimal subset of the total audience.


Attributable Sessions


Reduction in Screen Time


Reduction in Traffic


Increase in Efficiency

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